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The NEXUS Conference examines a wide range of issues related to family violence and the relationship between child abuse and domestic violence. Numerous workshops deal with such critically important subjects such as: effects on children witnessing family violence, child abuse and domestic violence fatalities, adolescent suicidal crises, the effects of substance abuse on children, abuse of disabled children and adults, teen dating violence, understanding and responding to children in crisis, and youth involvement in violence prevention/intervention

Perhaps because those struggling to help families and children had long realized that child abuse is but one spoke in the destructive wheel of family violence. Because the hundreds of professionals and volunteers working with victims of domestic violence were continually being confronted by the destructive influences of child abuse and neglect. Because any form of violence in the home affects every man, woman and child living there. Last year, at least 3.2 million suspected child abuse and neglect reports were received by child welfare agencies in the United States. Nearly 2,000 children died from abuse inflicted by parents and caretakers and it is estimated that at least 18,000 children are permanently disabled each year from abuse or neglect. It is estimated that child abuse is 15 times more likely to occur in those homes where domestic violence is present, and that between 3 and 10 million children each year witness domestic violence. Boys who witness violence in their homes are significantly more likely, as adults, to become involved in violent and other anti-social behavior. Each year, 2 to 4 million women, including 1 in 4 pregnant women, are victims of domestic violence. Elderly and disabled family members are also vulnerable to family violence, suffering injuries, severe


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Nexus XXl: Vincent Felitti Presentation


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