Student Poster Art - 2017

Grand Prize Winner

Renee Yan, Yaya Fine Art



Muhamad Kenjaev, Woodcrest School

Gracie Minnick, Woodcrest School

Sophia Chang, Yaya Fine Art

Megan Linden, Yaya Fine Art

Oma Sukul, Yaya Fine Art




Esmeralda Gutierrez, Barfield Elementary

Edmundo Lopez, Barfield Elementary

James Bekis, J. B. Monlux

Paris Lewis, J. B. Monlux

Trinitee Carroll, Ramona Middle School

Riley Cervantes, Ramona Middle School

Isabella Finianos, Ramona Middle School

Bryan Keehmer, Ramona Middle School

Alexander Laguna, Ramona Middle School

Landon Regis, Ramona Middle School

Cassandra Schwass, Ramona Middle School

ManaiaTofilau, Ramona Middle School

Andrew Zhang, Ramona Middle School

Ashley Quintero, Sheridan Streeet Elementary

Vanessa Hernandez & Alexia Robles, Wilson Elementary

Adrian Aviles, Woodcrest School

Elizabeth Balikian, Woodcrest School

Ella Gluzman & Sara Schils, Woodcrest School

Mia Harmon, Woodcrest School

Hanning Zhu, Yaya Fine Art

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