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new study in the Journal of Forensic Sciences suggests the role medical examiners play in the criminal justice system is far more subjective than commonly thought. It also suggests their analysis might be tainted by racial bias.

Feared fall increase in child abuse reports likely less visible due to underreporting: police

As students returned to the classroom in September, frontline workers braced for an increase in reports of child abuse.

Staff with the Centre for Children’s Justice in Saskatoon — a multidisciplinary team also known as the Child Centre that includes police, victim services, the Ministry of Social Services and the Saskatchewan Health Authority — typically anticipate an increase in reports each fall as children come back into contact with social supports at school, including teachers, school staff and friends.

CATES: Abuse and neglect with pandemics

One of the things I have been seeing in the healthcare literature lately is the concerns that with all the lockdowns, virtual schools, and other isolating circumstances related to the pandemic, the violence that we see far too often in our society, things like child abuse, elder abuse, and human trafficking are not being reported as they normally are, and because of that, those abuses are not being caught until often it is too late.

Childhood Abuse Can Lead To Personality Disorder

What if I hate misandry! What if I appreciate men as allies of feminist politics! What if once I hated men and boys in childhood due to my sexual abuse or trauma that resulted in personality disorder! A journey to overcome my attitude towards men highlights the role of feminism in my life to accept men who are fighting for women’s rights, childhood abuse, and gender equality.

Baby was found dead on mother’s lap. Child Safety had ignored details

Queensland’s deputy coroner has found the former Child Safety Department ignored key medical information in the lead-up to the separate deaths of two babies in 2015 and 2016 which could have saved their lives.

Child Abuse Reports Plunge In 2020, But Experts Suspect That’s Because Teachers, School Staff Aren’t Seeing Vulnerable Children In Person

Child abuse reports are significantly down in our area in 2020, but that doesn’t mean cases are on the decline.

Genetic Factors Underlying Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

  • Sudden Infant Death syndrome (SIDS) is a diagnosis of exclusion. Decades of research have made steady gains in understanding plausible mechanisms of terminal events. Current evidence suggests SIDS includes heterogeneous biological conditions, such as metabolic, cardiac, neurologic, respiratory, and infectious conditions.

San Antonio child advocate, pediatrician shed light on long-term affects of child abuse after girl found severely emaciated

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio child advocacy group is stressing the importance of child abuse awareness after police saved a severely emaciated 9-year-old girl from a couple this past week.

Jasmine Anderson, the founder of KJS Angels, was outraged when she saw the news article that stated the girl weighed only 35 pounds when she was found.

Autopsy records withheld by judge in hopes Legislature will act on Irwin's bill

A Ventura County judge has barred the release of autopsy reports on 11 people killed at a mass shooting in a Thousand Oaks bar more than two years ago under a court order that could last for months.

Superior Court Judge Henry Walsh ruled in favor of relatives of the individuals shot at the Borderline Bar & Grill in a decision last week. He expressed hesitancy to release the reports to the public, including the media, when pending state legislation could keep them confidential.

Child abuse reports are significantly down in our area, but that doesn't mean cases are on the decline. In fact, it's just the opposite. CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff reports.

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