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Approximately 9 of every 1000 children in the United States are identified as victims of maltreatment, including neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse, or sexual abuse. However, many cases of maltreatment are not identified, which has severe consequences for affected children.

There were notifications in both children for 8.5% of the sibling pairs (n = 44). A notification in the first sibling was associated with a 60-fold increase in the likelihood of a notification in the second sibling (95% confidence interval: 29.3–125.1), resulting in nearly three-quarters being the subject of a report. In terms of the subtypes, neglect revealed the strongest association, followed by sexual abuse. 

Radiologists can play a critical role in identifying victims of child abuse, but providers must be aware of the existing fringe beliefs that could result in missed diagnoses and further dangers for a child.

Annually, in the United States, 600,000 children are victims of maltreatment – one in five of whom are physically abused. However, according to a multi-institutional team of researchers, there are still some denialists – those who attribute injuries from abuse to other disorders or fabricated pathologies. 

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Much like domestic violence, concerns circulated about a spike in child abuse during the pandemic. In the early months of the pandemic, calls to Arizona’s Child Abuse Hotline dropped but there is a difference between calls and investigations. Months later, the impacts of the pandemic on child abuse are becoming clear in southern Arizona.

Researchers at Harvard University have studied the connection between spanking and kids' brain development for the first time, and their findings echo what studies have indicated for years: Spanking isn't good for children.

Understanding Pedophilia: A Sincere and Responsible Guide

This article has two purposes. First, I am not justifying or condoning harm of children. Pedophilia is not the same as sex offending. Rather, I am providing important information on how to prevent child sexual abuse before it happens. Second, we have to be mature about pedophilia and attraction to kids. For nearly 40 years, we all have been fed a well-intentioned myth: pedophiles are monsters of choice, lurking outside our children’s bedrooms with one mission, to sexually assault and kill our children. Every pedophile is a monster, will offend, and they have no family, parents, or children

Does 'Harsh Parenting' Lead to Smaller Brains?

Repeatedly getting angry, hitting, shaking, or yelling at children is linked with smaller brain structures in adolescence, according to a new study published in Development and Psychology. The study was conducted by Sabrina Suffren, Ph.D., at Université de Montréal and the CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre in partnership with researchers from Stanford University.

Practice of death surveillance and response for maternal, newborn and child health

DESIGN: A framework of elements covering analysis of causes of death, and processes of review and response was developed and applied to the smallest unit of coordination (subdistrict) to evaluate DSR functioning. The evaluation design was a descriptive qualitative case study, based on observations of DSR practices and interviews.

Transgender bills define ‘child abuse’ – and commit it

When Karen Krajcer moved to Austin five years ago with husband Chris and their two children, my wife and I were the beneficiaries in two ways. 

Though they lived only two blocks from us in San Antonio, we hadn’t met them until we heard they were selling their house. Chris’ firm, Lake Flato Architects, asked him to join their new Austin office. We were able to buy their excellent house and to get to know them.

Officials report almost 40 percent of people who die in car crashes aren't wearing seatbelts

  • SALT LAKE CITY — Utah's ‘Click It or Ticket’ enforcement begins May 17 and will run through June 6th. More than 40 law enforcement agencies throughout Utah will be working 300 additional shifts to help educate Utahns about the importance of buckling up.

Why Do Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse Hesitate Reporting?

In all states, many professionals are legally designated mandated reporters of suspected child maltreatment. In some states, adults in the general public are mandated reporters as well. Commonly referred to as universal mandated reporting, New Jersey’s statute is typical:

Young girls coerced into filming own sexual abuse

ONLINE sexual predators are increasingly coercing young girls into filming their own sexual abuse, internet safety experts have warned.

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) confirmed 68,000 cases of self-generated child sexual abuse imagery in 2020 - 44 per cent of the total cases it acted on last year and a 77 per cent rise from 2019.